What is EXTEMPORE & JAM (Just A Minute) Activity in Spoken ENglish Training?


Extempore and JAM (Just A Minute) are both popular activities in spoken English training. They are designed to improve one’s fluency, confidence, and ability to speak spontaneously.

Extempore is a public speaking activity in which the participant is given a topic and a short amount of time to prepare their speech. The speaker must then deliver a coherent and well-structured speech on the topic, without any prior planning or rehearsal. Extempore helps to develop skills such as critical thinking, organization, and effective communication.

JAM, on the other hand, is a game where participants are given a topic and must speak about it for one minute without hesitation, repetition, or deviation. The speaker must continue talking without stopping or pausing for the duration of the minute. JAM helps to improve one’s ability to think on their feet, articulate their thoughts clearly, and maintain their focus under pressure.

Both Extempore and JAM are commonly used in language schools, training institutes, and other educational settings as effective tools for developing communication skills.

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